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which obviously isn't working because the screen updates a whole lot afterwards. I almost wish this were more complicated; the fact that everything looks so simple is making it difficult to think of what could possibly be happening! So this morning application.screen Updating was working as expected. The test code that I wrote is below: Sub test() Debug. One thing that seems to be common among those modules not working, is that they all contain code that changes worksheets. In any case, it's a real mystery why this happens from one day to another!I started to debug, and immediately after the "Screen Updating = false" line executes, I go to the immediate window and type: Debug. Any clues on how to solve it would be greatly appreciated. Screen Updating = True End Sub _________________________________________________________ Private Sub Check_for_Open_Workbook() Application.More details about yur workbook are needed to go any further. (DO NOT choose "Class Module") Copy the entire code from "Sub Make Summary Table()" to "End Sub" and paste this into the code window. If you want, you can create a button from the Forms toolbar and assign this macro to the button. Update Next a Field Next a Story For Each my TOC In Active Document. Used Range): On Error Go To 0 If Not r Rng Is Nothing Then For Each r Cell In r Rng If Not Is Error(Target) Then s Last Value = s Last Value & "," & r Cell Else s Last Value = s Last Value & "," & "Err" Next r Cell s Last Value = Mid(s Last Value, 2) Else s Last Value = "" End If Else If Not Is Error(Target) Then s Last Value = Target. Option Explicit Public s Value As String Private Sub Workbook_Sheet Change(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Range) If Sh. Save As s Path & s LOGName, xl Normal ' End If Set wb LOG = Workbooks. Count 1 Then Dim r Cell As Range, r Rng As Range On Error Resume Next Set r Rng = Intersect(Target, Sh. Used Range): On Error Go To 0 If r Rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub For Each r Cell In r Rng If Not Is Error(r Cell) Then s Value = s Value & "," & r Cell Else s Value = s Value & "," & "Err" Next r Cell s Value = Mid(s Value, 2) Else If Not Is Error(Target) Then s Value = Target. Be advised, the code I gave you does not clear the summary table that is created from copying all of the C1 cells, it only appends the values starting at the first blank row on Sheet1.So unless you clear the old values, when you re-run the code it will only append to what is already there.

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Seek View = wd Seek Current Page Header But I can't think of a better way to get into the header. G[i On Errorj61.u On Error Go TovƁu Exit Subv62.u On Error Resume Nextv Err Iu WFNg63NJi Openj64N‚Eۑi Close, Save, Save Asj SUMIF̊ԈႢɂpt H[}X̒ቺɂ‚āb GNZ֐Zi617ĵ낢ȏFTrue False̔Ƃ́b Excel}NVBAZpi615j󔒃Z𐳂肷@2b Excel}NVBAZpi56jtp Xf BNg [email protected]ɕb Excel}NVBAZpi415je LXg NVBATv Wi44jŌ̋󔒁iw蕶jȍ~̕ob GNZ֐Zi326j擪̐l AŌ̐lob GNZ֐Zi326j [email protected]ɃV[g`Fb Nb Excel}NVBATv Wi323j̎QƂĂZ擾b Excel}NVBATv Wi318j 1.ŏIs̎擾i End, Rows. O(VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, OFFSET)b GNZ֐Z5.ϐƃf[^^i Dimjb Excel}NVBA6. "" (Shift Ctrl Alt S), : - "", - "... "" "" (Word 2007) - MS Word "", "" MS Office Word 2007.

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