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I speak 4 languages and I enjoy meeting new people. I'm a child at heart and I take my life Hello ;) I am here to meet her. I love all things geeky, I'm a goof, and sometimes a bit spazzy.Is there a social club here where we can find friendly, accepting, and intelligent women who are eager and willing to share their lives? It's about life experience, everything that life brings you.The goal is to have a supportive group of diverse women, growing together. This is an attempt to bring the local lesbians together to socialize; for dinner out, for activities, for drinks or coffee and lively discussion.

Lets build our circle of friends and keep an open heart to others!

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The 5 most important things to me in A relationship are Loyalty, Honesty, Comprimise, Communication, Respect.

The line of thinking has been: If someone is attracted to both women and men, they must want to have both a male and a female partner at all times, and will therefore cheat on their present partner with someone of the other gender.

This logic, of course, is ludicrous: Just because you’re attracted to, say, men, doesn’t mean you want to be in relationships, or have sex with, two or more men at the same time.

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