Recovering alcoholics and dating

Seven years later, Kate and Jeremy are happily married.

They spoke with about how they deal with alcoholism and addiction in their marriage.

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Go to the movies, take a walk in the park, go skiing together, but slow down and give the intimacy a chance to develop. According to Milrod, the most important foundation is simply that “sobriety needs to be a priority.

Are there questions I should ask him about his recovery his sobriety? Personally, I would do what you are doing -- educate yourself about the disease so you can then make an informed decision as to whether you want to be involved with a recovering alcoholic or not. I think captain's suggestion of attending an open AA meeting or alanon is a great one as well.

Other than time and conversation (as in all relationships) is there any way to find out if he's ready for a relationship? Is he in any type of program or getting any type of support? It is a different world, being around alcoholics and addicts.

Too often, recovering alcoholics and addicts find themselves in codependent relationships that lack healthy communication, goal setting, and problem solving.

Because of the psychological problems that are a root cause for abusing drugs and alcohol, these issues transfer onto our marriages, relationships, and friendships.

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